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JUN, 2020

shaping the future of beauty — nx's 5 new beauty startups

NX has recently announced its newest members for the second batch of the NIVEA acceleration program. NX is excited to welcome the second batch and the following five startups into their progam.

JUN, 2020

NIVEA Accelerator announces the second batch

Beiersdorf announced the top five beauty startups for its second batch of the NIVEA Accelerator (NX). An international jury selected the startups based on their innovative business models and digital capabilities.

APR, 2020

Top 10 Hottest Korean Beauty Startups to Watch

Korean beauty startups have found great success in Korea. They also are looking to bring a lot of innovation into their beauty products. Here are the top 10 Hottest Korean Beauty Startups to watch in 2020.

APR, 2020

10 Beauty Tech Startup Accelerators and Incubators

The beauty industry is always changing as it tries to keep up with the latest consumer trends. As a part of this movement, big corporates are partnering with beauty startups to work with new exciting and innovative companies.

APR, 2020

Beauty Investment: 3 Reasons for Big Players to Invest

The beauty industry became a vibrant environment for investments. Especially beauty startups are hot targets for investment or M&A activities. Also, the large beauty corporates have been very active in closing deals.

MAR, 2020

Beauty Investors — VC Firms and Angel Investors to Know

Within the consumer goods sector, beauty is considered the fastest-growing category. With the rise of the beauty space, investors have been paying close attention to identify new trends and investment opportunities.

JAN, 2020

10 Beauty Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

We’re sure 2020 will bring us new Beauty Technology that we can’t even imagine yet. However, for now, let’s look at some of the hottest Beauty Tech trends that are sure to keep influencing the industry right through the year.

JAN, 2020

nx — Driving Innovation in Beauty & Beauty Tech

NIVEA Beauty Accelerator, built with the expertise of Beiersdorf, the German multinational personal-care company, is attractive to rising startups hoping to connect with an international network.

DEC, 2019

Beiersdorf Becomes the 2nd Largest Shareholder of LYCL

Beiersdorf has acquired a significant stake in Seoul-based LYCL Inc., which runs Unpa. With this investment, Beiersdorf became the second largest shareholder of the rapidly growing skin care and beauty tech start-up.

DEC, 2019

Five Korean Beauty Startups and their Founders’ Stories

After carefully reviewing 200 beauty startups, NIVEA Acelerator was able to recruit the five startups for the first batch of the NX program.

JULY, 2019

the first milestone: 
official opening

NIVEA Accelerator held the official opening ceremony. The party was joined by the five selected startups and a host of guests.

APR, 2019

Nx Welcomes the five winners for its first batch

NIVEA Accelerator selected the first five startups through a thorough evaluation of more than 200 K-beauty startups in South Korea.

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